Audax Partners LLC



Structuring and managing of M&A transactions and representing the interest of the seller (in the case of a sales mandate) or the buyer (in the case of an acquisition mandate).

Audax Partners provides professional support during the transaction process, including:

    • making initial contact with investors when representing the seller
    • making initial contact with acquisition targets when representing the buyer
    • preparation of transactions documents (information memorandum, teaser, term sheet, NDA, etc.)
    • advising the client throughout the negotiations


Structuring and managing financial restructuring of companies, e.g. due to impending illiquidity or insolvency as a result of over-indebtedness or current operational difficulties.

Audax Partners advises the client during the implementation of the restructuring process, including:

    • initial identification of causes of financial or operational problems
    • preparation of restructuring plan
    • identification of measures for improving company’s business
    • negotiating with creditors
    • making a contact with other relevant sources of financing (e. g. a strategic investor, an additional bank loan, etc.)


Analysis of strategic options available to company owners and management in making their business decisions.

Audax Partners provides clients with a complete overview of the available strategic options including a detailed analysis of their impact on the company’s future business, such as:

    • selling the company vs entry of a strategic investor
    • acquisitions of other businesses vs organic growth
    • debt vs equity financing
    • structuring of ownership and economic relations within the group


Structuring and managing the capital raising process either in the form of equity (recapitalization by an existing owner, a strategic or financial investor) or in the form of debt capital (e. g. collateralised bank loans, subordinated debt, convertible debt, bonds).

Audax Partners provides clients with a complete service including:

    • structuring optimal capital structure
    • preparing financial analysis and other relevant documents
    • making contacts with potential investors and/or creditors
    • advising the client throughout the process


Company valuations for the purpose of recapitalization, squeeze-out of minority shareholders, sale, acquisition, etc.

Audax Partners provides clients with a company valuation based on the detailed breakdown of projected business. Depending on the project, the advisory service may:

    • include valuation of entire business
    • include valuation of a particular segment of a company’s business
    • in the case of acquisition plans, may have the purpose of testing future synergistic effects.


Preparation of business plans for the purpose of planned investment activities including development of detailed financial model.

Business plan usually include:

    • historical business overview
    • business projections with detailed forecast of balance sheet, income statement and cash flow items
    • projections breakdown by different scenarios
    • identification of available source of financing
    • testing the profitability of an investment
    • sensitivity analysis of cash flow to the changes in main inputs
    • detailed breakdown of cash flow by segment of business
    • possibility of continuous monitoring of operations in order to timely detect and eliminate potential problems


Audax Partners LLC

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